Brain Fog & Dizziness Causes and Treatments

It happened out of the blue.

I was visiting my family overseas when on the second day I awoke with extreme dizziness and vertigo. I don’t recall anything really triggering the episode, but it scared the hell out of me.

I had no idea what caused the dizziness and subsequent brain fog, but I couldn’t even move from the bed.  I thought I might had been just dehydrated or some inner ear infection from the flight, but after a full day of not being able to move, drinking tons of water and no symptoms of ear infection I still had no where to turn for a cure.

Let alone any idea how to get rid of the brain fog.

I was staying with my cousin at the time and he is a pretty smart guy. He started looking up tests for dizzy spells and some reasons for my severe brain fog. This is what he found:

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Brain Fog Symptoms

By the morning of the second day, I was starting to get really worried. I couldn’t stand to get food. Every time I tried to eat I was fine until I rose to return to bed at which time I got extremely nauseous.

Every time I stood I got so dizzy that I would literally loose my lunch.

The is was no way to spend my holiday.

The only information I could dig up at the time for dizziness was:

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All in all it lasted about 5 days with varying degrees of intensity. Some days I could go out for walks, other days I was stuck in bed for the entire day.

The only other cause I could dig up was fibromyalgia and brain fog. Turns out many, many women with fibro fog as they called it were suffering the same symptoms as I was. Problem was, my name is Charles, I’m a guy.

What really scared me was the only info WebMD had was associated with Multiple Sclerosis 

The thought of suffering through MS was terrifying. But the onset of my dizziness was so sudden that I didn’t really think I had MS.

Brain Fog and Dizziness

My brain fog left me alone

Wikipedia wasn’t much help either

So, I put spent the resulting weeks on holiday researching the symptoms, cures, medications, natural remedies, just about everything I could find related to brain fog, dizziness, and fibro fog. The resulting research and my best recommendations are in the following pages.


I hope this helps you. It was one of the worst feelings I have every experienced.